• No more limestone

    MatriXcal is the only truly scientific solution for treating limestone.

The specific anti-limestone and ecological treatment of water.

With MatriXcal your problems with limestone are completely solved.

How MatriXcal works

Limestone: everyones problem

It solves the problem of calcareous deposits forever without altering the chemical composition of the water (as occurs with all softeners).

By acting on the polarity of the crystals it inhibits the calcium precipitation in the form “CALCITE” and it promotes the formation of calcium nano-crystals in form “ARAGONITE”(CaCO3 Aragonite).

Instead of encrusting, the Aragonite remains dissolved in the water and flows away (in suspension), preventing the formation of deposits forever.

Its action is ecological and natural because it does not alter the chemical composition of water treated and it preserves its precious content of naturally present salts.

It is the only Electronic decalcifier that acts in direct contact with water, measuring its hardness in real time

MatriXcal has, inside of the Electronic device, a computerized/integrated microchip which analyses the water in real time (every second) and instantly adapts the multifrequency pulses generated by a specific Electronic unit.

About MatriXcal

We design equipment and services for the protection of health.

MatriXcal has no real rivals because NO other device on the market has been patented for the specific anti-limestone and ecological treatment of water. MatriXcal is suitable for the global market without requiring substantial modifications and can be used by private / professional / business customers.
In the hydraulic unit of MatriXcal a TRIPLE action occurs simultaneously:

  • Safety filtration with commercial standard wound-wire replaceable filter
  • Limestone treatment through the electric field generated by the electronic control unit, thanks to the stainless steel spiral electrode which surround the filter element, which is totally immersed in the water
  • Antibacterial action
  • Limestone Costs

    1 mm incrustation thickness drives up 10% energy costs
    The limestone makes us pay more EXPENSIVE bills.
    Eliminating limestone from plants, boilers and domestic appliances is very important for energy efficiency and for the life of the plants.

    Graph of the increase in heating fuel consumption and hot water production due to limestone

    Fuel Consumption Increase1mm

    Fuel Consumption Increase4mm

    Fuel Consumption Increase7mm

    Fuel Consumption Increase10mm

    Fuel Consumption Increase14mm

    Our Patent for Invention

    Our MatriXcal is protected by International patents

    To obtain the MatriXcal invention patent, we have been working for 5 years, during which our device has undergone every type of examination and control. In the end the Patent Office subjected 3 MatriXcal to 6 months of final tests by random users. The results were exceptional. No other electronic decalcifier has ever been subjected to similar checks nor has it passed the very strict tests of the Italian Patent Office.

    It is a very innovative device, which has made every other Water Softener obsolete

    Here are some of the numerous fields of application:
    • apartments and studios
    • villas and residences
    • apartment buildings
    • farms and nurseries
    • dairies
    • hospitals and nursing homes
    • schools, kindergartens, sports centers
    • dental offices
    • hairdressers
    • beauty salons
    • hotel and resort
    • farmhouse and B & B
    • restaurants, pizzerias and bars
    • bakeries and pastry shops
    • pools, saunas and fitness centers
    • car washes and garages
    • industrial laundries etc.

    The advantages of MatriXcal

    MatriXcal determines a consistent reduction of management and maintenance costs of devices as well of the equipment in general (variable according to age and type).

    It repairs devices already affected by limestone and it keeps pipes and household appliances efficient and functional


    It prevents limestone deposits in drains and, therefore, in biological pits and degreasers, it removes existing limestone from pipes, exchangers and from the whole hydraulic plant


    It has an antibacterial effect , reducing the bacterial load of the water


    It provides microfiltered water with NO waste of water; no ionic exchange


    It consumes only a few watts, like a small led bulb (insignificant electricity consumption) and zero water!!!


    It does NOT use salt or chemicals, detergent savings - it reduces energy bills


    It does not require construction or plumbing work - very easy to be installed! It can be installed everywhere


    It does not pollute - It is environmentally friendly!


    It repairs devices already affected by limestone and it keeps pipes and household appliances efficient and functional


    It keeps cleaner all sanitaryware


    It keeps more clean and protected pots and glasses


    Boilers and water heaters more efficient

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